Yumen First Installed Ultrasonic Evaporation Automatic Sensor

- May 03, 2018-

翻译时出错Yumen first installed ultrasonic evaporation automatic sensor

Yumen first installed ultrasonic evaporation automatic sensor.jpg

According to the Gansu Provincial Meteorological Bureau, recently the Yumen City Meteorological Administration installed and commissioned a large-scale evaporative ultrasonic automatic sensor for the first time. It will be officially put into operation on May 1 this year, ending the long history of manual observation of large-scale evaporation.

Its measurement accuracy and stability are much better than those of ultrasonic type and other types of surface evaporation sensors, and can be remotely transmitted in real time. It is suitable for equipping various regions, various types of evaporation stations, and weather stations.


1, The digital sensor has no temperature drift and time drift, and its performance is stable over a long period of time;
2, High resolution and high precision
3, It can also be observed normally under windy and rainy conditions, without losing accuracy;
4, Anti-electromagnetic interference, even if power is turned on after power failure, the output data is still correct;
5, It can be used together with evaporating bucket, water circle, automatic water adding device and collecting and recording device to realize automatic monitoring of evaporation process.

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