Weighing Sensors On The Mixing Station

- Aug 27, 2015 -

In today's concrete mixing plants, most are ultimately the use of sensors. Regardless of the temperature sensor to control the operation temperature of the equipment and raw materials, or humidity sensor to control raw materials, water and the like. These devices can help to better carry out concrete mixing station production, and also ensure good production quality concrete mixing station.

General concrete mixing station installation temperature sensor is a specific location, only installed in the appropriate position in order to make a better work temperature sensor, on the contrary, if the position of improper installation, only waste temperature sensor concrete mixing station ʱ??

Temperature sensor installed in the concrete mixing station trash and silos. To properly monitoring and fast response, induction cap in flow area needs to draw material from the container. Optional extension tube so that the sensor can be positioned correctly, and provide additional protection against wear.

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