Weighing Mechanical Sensor Installation

- Aug 27, 2015-

Weighing sensors to gently, especially aluminum alloy produced by the small capacity of the elastomer sensor, any shock, drop, its performance measurement are likely to cause great harm. For large-capacity load cells, in general, it has a large weight, and therefore requires handling, installation, try to use proper lifting equipment.

1, each weighing load direction of the sensor are determined, and when we use, be sure to load the load in this direction. Lateral force, the additional moment, torque, force should be avoided.

2, the installation of the sensor base mounting surface should be smooth, clean, without any film, film and so on exist. Mounting base itself should have sufficient strength and rigidity, generally require higher strength and stiffness of the sensor itself.

3, try to use automatic positioning effect of structural parts, such as ball bearings, spherical plain bearings, fasteners and so on positioning. They can prevent some of the lateral force acting on the sensor. It is noted that: Some lateral force is not caused by mechanical installation, such as lateral force due to thermal expansion, the lateral force caused by wind, and vibration blender container class weighing on some lateral force that is not caused by mechanical installation due ʱ??

4, level adjustment: horizontal adjustment has two aspects. One single sensor mounting base mounting surface to use a level to adjust the level, on the other hand refers to the mounting base mounting surface a plurality of sensors to try to adjust to a horizontal plane, particularly the number of sensors more than three weighing systems and, more should pay attention to this point, the main purpose of doing so is to make the load on each sensor are basically the same.

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