Ultrasonic Sensors Are Used More And More Widely In Natural Gas Flow Measurement

- Mar 22, 2018-

With the continuous expansion of China's natural gas market, the measurement of natural gas has become more and more important. Accurate measurement has a very important impact on natural gas trade. Ultrasonic flowmeter is a new type of gas flow statistics instrument with a large measuring range. With high accuracy, no pressure loss, good reproducibility, fixed parts, and suitable for measuring gas pipelines with large diameter, it is widely used in the measurement of natural gas pipelines.

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Ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of measuring instrument which uses the sound wave convection tube to measure the fluid velocity. The main equipment of the gas measurement field is the ultrasonic sensor. The sensor is generally installed on the wall of the tube. The sensor and the sensor are arranged in a geometrical manner. At present, there are many different forms of super-wave flowmeters used, and this type of difference is mainly caused by different geometric arrangements. Ultrasonic flowmeters use a time difference method. In specific operations, a pair of oblique ultrasonic flow calculations are installed on one side of the early pipeline, and a pair of transducers are installed on the other side of the pipeline so that when the gas passes, The other party's ultrasound signal can be obtained at the same time or at a set time.


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The ultrasonic sensors for gas flow meter

From a practical point of view, the gas ultrasonic flowmeter is a flow statistics device that is fully applicable to the natural gas trade. It has a very significant role in improving the measurement level of natural gas. The gas ultrasonic flowmeter has a wide range, strong and durable, no pressure It is characterized by high loss, high accuracy, low maintenance workload, etc., and is not easily affected by the installation environment, noise, debris, dirt, etc. Therefore, it has very good adaptability and will surely have a wide range of applications in the field of natural gas flow measurement. prospect.

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