Ultrasonic Sensor Touch Control Through Any Material

- Aug 08, 2020-

UltraSense today released the first UltraSense on-chip ultrasonic sensor, which will open the door to tomorrow's new generation of devices. Daniel Goehl, chief business officer of the UltraSense system, explained that UltraSense is the first to be enabled in hardware/software. The sensor products developed by UltraSense use patented machine learning touch classifier technology to learn and evolve.


According to UltraSense, their "contact point ultrasonic beam" technology paves the way for the future by eliminating several key limitations of strain technology. Can be used with precise, highly localized touch areas without physically bending the material. The first UltraSense on-chip ultrasound sensor works by sending and receiving signals, which is completely different from the technology used to view the contents of a pregnant woman's uterus. This technology does not visually display the signal, but uses the seen data to identify and convert time, surface signal reflection and fingerprint ridge deformation.

Since this sensor is independent of other sensors, it can act as the power button of the device it is embedded in. It can be used as a touch/force button, a slider or a trackpad, where one sensor is used for the button and multiple sensors are used for other functions. Because this sensor is used together with ultrasonic technology, it can be touch-sensed on almost any material of any thickness, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, and it can obviously work with UltraSense sensors.

According to UltraSense, they have now provided the first on-chip ultrasonic sensor samples to OEMs, which will be put into production at the end of December 2019 and will appear in smartphones at the end of 2020.

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