Ultrasonic Sensor Black Technology Lights Up The New Logistics Era

- Jun 05, 2019-

From handwritten addresses to electronic orders, from manual sorting to automated assembly lines – a new logistics era of 24 hours a day and 72 hours around the world is coming. At the 2019 Global Smart Logistics Summit held yesterday, the latest "black technology" in the field of express logistics was unveiled.

ultrasonic sensor in logistics

At the summit, a batch of new end-of-service services was unveiled. Before the new AI variety "Rookie AI Space" at the rookie station, people simply stand in front of the screen and "brush face" to identify, the package will be automatically sent to the exit below. From the front, it is like an ordinary express cabinet, but from the side you can see the special structure inside: a small smart car travels along the track, takes out the packages on the left and right three-dimensional shelves and sends them to the exit. This "smart" cabinet also uses the AI algorithm to increase the storage capacity. The amount of parcels that can be stored is 1.6 times that of the traditional smart cabinet. It also automatically defragments the space through smart operation, allowing the courier to put more packages. 

In the express sorting center, the automatic sorting of parcels also makes sorters more labor-saving. The power ball sorting line demonstrates a new sorting technique. A cylindrical power ball is mounted on the power board, and the rotation of the power ball drives the package forward. The power ball can also quickly change direction and send different packages to different areas. “It used to be a conveyor belt, not only slow, but also easy to wear.” The staff said that the power ball has a small footprint and a higher sorting efficiency, and can sort 5000 to 6000 singles in one hour.

Unmanned helicopters, unmanned vehicles, unmanned stations... From express sorting to end delivery, unmanned technology is pushing the upgrade of the express delivery industry. A drone called "Xiaoqinglong" came to the scene. On May 24th, the drone realized a flight across the Qiongzhou Strait. It arrived in Xiujiang, Hainan, near the Xiuying Port of Hainan, and flew for 32 kilometers. In 25 minutes, it set a new record for global logistics drones to leap into the large strait. It is reported that this is a large-scale unmanned helicopter jointly developed by the Rookie ET Logistics Laboratory and Beijing Tonghang Jiangxi Helicopter Company. It is suitable for use in logistics scenarios where bottlenecks in ground transportation capacity exist.

In the past year, the number of packages circulating throughout China has exceeded 50 billion, an increase of about 10 billion from the previous year, and the increase is close to the total amount of package circulation in the United States. Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group and chairman of the rookie network, said in his vision of smart logistics: "The logistics of the future must be digital to digital, and the world of wisdom will be the era we all face together."

To further promote the development of green logistics, yesterday, the rookie and Shentong, Yunda, Yuantong, Zhongtong, Baishi and China Environmental Protection Foundation, Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation jointly launched Green Express Day, and announced that it will lay 50,000 greens nationwide. recycle bin.

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