Ultrasonic Height Measuring Instrument- Smart Ultrasonic Sensor Application

- May 04, 2018-

I still remember the height my father had given me when I was a child. I always stood at the corner of the kitchen door. My father took out a tape measure and a ballpoint pen and made me stand upright. Then I used a ballpoint pen to compare the ballpoint pen and paint it on the wall. On the horizontal line, and writing the measured data and measurement dates next to it, as time moves on, I gradually grow up, and I gradually grow taller. The horizontal lines on the walls are getting more and more, just because of the wind and the sun. For the sake of the rain, the horizontal lines drawn earlier have gradually become blurred and become a warm memory in the heart.

Now, with the new artifact that measures height for children, the intelligent ultrasonic height measuring instrument is very powerful. Not only can it easily measure the accurate height data of a child, but it can also save these data to the matching device via Bluetooth. In the APP, and even synchronized to the cloud, the APP will generate growth curves for the collected data in days and months, letting children grow up to master.

Ultrasonic height measuring instrument.jpg

The principle of intelligent height measuring instrument for measuring height is still very simple. It adopts acoustic technology to achieve wireless height measurement. The measuring instrument is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, and the emitted ultrasonic wave is reflected back by the measuring object. The built-in chip will calculate the height of the measuring object. . This principle is the same as that of the bats in the natural world. This is also a bionic design.

The intelligent ultrasonic height measuring instrument has a built-in Bluetooth module, so after each height measurement is completed, the measured data can be saved in a matching APP installed on a Bluetooth-transmitted mobile phone so as to track the growth status of the child and can be timely Understand whether the child's growth and nutritional status meet the normal indicators.

Do you want to use such an ultrasound application?

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