The Future World Must Be Sensory, And Behind A Sensor Is An Industry

- Jun 07, 2019-

future sensor

As we all know, perception is the pioneering technology of the Internet of Things. Without the perception, it is impossible to obtain the characteristic data of people or things, and there is no information base of the Internet of Things. Therefore, only the technology of the sensing layer meets the requirements, and the entire Internet of Things can operate normally. In the sensing technology of the Internet of Things, sensor technology is the most critical. It is the hardware "cell" that builds the concept of "intermediary". As the terminal tool for collecting information in the Internet of Things, the sensor is like the “toucher” of the Internet of Things, and it will usher in a huge space for development.

The sensor is the most critical link. OSENON ultrasonic sensors have provided customers with a variety of new sensors in this environment with years of experience in sensor development and production.

Since the 1990s, relevant departments in China have begun to pay attention to the development of MEMS technology. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the 863 Program established the “Extreme Manufacturing Technology Topics” in the advanced manufacturing field. The Natural Science Foundation, the National Defense, Department, and University Discipline Construction have special plans and support, with a total funding of 1.5 billion RMB. In the world, the industry based on automobiles and consumer electronics has reached 100 billion. In the near future, the industry based on the Internet of Things, wearable, and intelligent robot industry will reach trillions.

The future world must be a world covered by sensors. The ubiquitous sensors will collect all kinds of data on the earth, physical, chemical, and biological. The world can be quantified and perceived in real time. The way people perceive the world has been changed again, just like the Internet and the mobile Internet have brought about a huge change in business models. Perhaps, behind every mobile sensor in the future is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Where is the opportunity for the sensor? The most important carrier of the sensor may be more than just these intelligent hardware. Mobile devices such as smart phones that have been put into the plateau period are likely to be revived by sensors. For every additional sensor on the mobile terminal, it is very likely that a new big market will be born.

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