The First In-car Children's Ultrasonic Sensing System Application

- Jun 11, 2019-

Recently, Hyundai Kia Motors Group (HKMC) announced that it has officially signed a purchase contract for children's sensing systems with IEE, and will install IEE's children's sensing system in its next three models, marking the world's first based The child sensing sensing system of millimeter wave radar technology enables commercial applications.

in-car children's ultrasonic sensing system application

In the environment where outdoor direct sunlight doors and windows are closed, the internal temperature of the car can reach the critical value of high temperature heatstroke within 15 minutes, which can cause serious suffocation and fatality. Since 1990, only 750 children in the United States have died of suffocation due to being forgotten in the car. IEE has developed a child sensing system (VitaSense) based on the 79 GHz millimeter wave radar to detect the presence of children with sensitive chest movements that are sensitive to light breathing and to force the necessary actions (such as opening the window) or issuing warning messages (eg Send a text message to the owner) to avoid forgetting the child in the car due to suffocation. The technology won the Luxembourg National Innovation Award (Fedil Innovation Award) in 2016 and the EU Automotive Suppliers Association's CLEPA Innovation Award in 2017.

With the strong support and assistance of the Party Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Third Hospital, IEE has taken measures to promote the relevant institutions, media and customers around the world, and actively coordinated relevant agencies to add extra points to vehicles equipped with such sensors through relevant legislation. excitation. The European New Car Safety Assessment Association (NCAP) will organize a special session on "Child Present Protection" at its Belgian headquarters in Luven on February 26, 2019 to demonstrate and evaluate the application of child in situ protection technology. Including the incentives for new car test ratings, IEE will be invited to attend and demonstrate the child sensing system. The European Automobile Suppliers Association (CLEPA) also expressed support for the addition of this technology application to the new car evaluation plus incentives.

children's ultrasonic sensing for school bus

The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) made a special report on the technology and called for legislation from the automotive safety authorities, calling for advanced sensor technology to avoid the tragedy of forgetting children's suffocation.

At the beginning of the new year, IEE received a trial school bus contract from the Zeeland School in Detroit, USA. The test school bus developed a complete set of children's sensing and management systems. After the test, the children's sensing system will be further promoted and even promote relevant legislation. The signing of this contract is a milestone in the industrialization of the research and development results of the Aerospace Science and Technology (Europe) Sensor Center, and is also a new achievement in the transformation and upgrading of IEE's products.

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