The Chengdu Innovation Fair Opened In 2019, And 5G Black Technology Came.

- Jun 10, 2019-

Chengdu Innovation Fair

About 5G

The 5G Ecology Pavilion will showcase the integration of "Smart Healthcare, UAV,ultrasonic sensor, VR, Intelligent Manufacturing, Ultra HD Video" based on 5G technology, and showcase the whole industry chain products such as electronic components, chips, communication equipment, and intelligent terminals.

About the simulation experience

In the travel pavilion, from the perspective of a real person or a panda, the real-life scene shows the tourism experience of “eat, live, travel, travel, entertainment, and purchase” from “Falling Chengdu” to “Leaving Chengdu”.

About medical care

The Health Life Museum will combine the human-computer interaction and process experience to create an interactive, R&D laboratory, pharmaceutical industry 4.0 factory, smart hospital, intelligent diagnosis and treatment, Chinese medicine nursery, and technology pension.

We are always imagining what life will look like in the future. Maybe 5G is everywhere? Maybe you can travel with AI technology without leaving your home? Or maybe, if you want to shop, products from all over the world will be pushed according to your emotions and preferences.

What is certain is that the future life we are looking forward to is not the birth of one or a few “black technologies”, but a diversified new life scene built by continuous technological iterations and innovative applications.

There is an opportunity for people to seamlessly connect to the future world, preview new life scenes, and experience the unknown magic – the 2019 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair. From June 10th to 12th, this well-received and colorful coffee fair will be held in Chengdu. During this period, a series of high-end summits and forums will be held; a series of resources to promote global innovation and entrepreneurship will gather. One of the most anticipated aspects is the exhibition.

The reporter learned that during the Chuanghui Fair, a new economic application scene exhibition will be held. Different from the simple “black technology show”, these venues will showcase and promote the market application of new technologies, new models, new formats and new products through the cascade of upstream and downstream industry chains and industrial ecology, and show our future life. .

This venue reveals for you

What new opportunities have the new economy brought?

The reporter learned that the new economic application scene exhibition held during the China International Trade Fair will focus on developing the “six major forms” of the new economy and building “seven major application scenarios” to “scenario, forward-looking, experiential, innovative and individualized”. Positioning exhibition. The entire exhibition area is divided into “1+11”, which is a preface hall and 11 theme pavilions.

Among them, the 730-square-meter preface hall, the theme chapter of the interpretation, is "the new economy provides innovative opportunities."

Under the background of optimizing the urban spatial structure and reshaping the industrial economic geography in Chengdu, “Why develop a new economy”, “What is the path of developing a new economy”, “The prospect of future development”, etc., the answer to this series of questions, Will be announced in the preface. However, the way of revealing is the use of modern technology and the visual expression of fashion innovation. For example, through the virtual digital three-dimensional image, the holographic real scene constructs the landscape system of Tianfu culture, allowing people to feel the distinctive urban cultural charm of Chengdu in an immersive way.

In other words, this will be a magnificent venue, with a technologically savvy visual picture, taking you into a city that is building a beautiful and livable park city, as well as new scenes brought about by the new economy of the city. New opportunities.

Walk into the 5G Ecology Hall

Take a look at the new scene brought by 5G

Are you ready to enter the 5G era? Before that, perhaps we should first understand the scenarios in which 5G can be applied and how to apply it.

A special 5G ecological pavilion was opened during the new economic application scene exhibition held during the fair.

The reporter learned that the 5G Ecology Pavilion will showcase the integration of "Smart Healthcare, UAV, VR, Intelligent Manufacturing, Ultra HD Video" based on 5G technology, and showcase electronic components, chips, communication devices, intelligent terminals, etc. Industry chain products. The debut of these products and applications will promote 5G sprints on commercial circuits, and promote smart connections with cloud computing, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles and terminals as the core, creating an open application scenario for 5G applications.

In other words, in the 5G Eco Museum, you will see the unlimited possibilities of 5G being applied.

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