Tesla Pushes New Sensor Hardware For Automatic Driving,use 12 Ultrasonic Sensors

- May 31, 2019-

12 ultrasonic radars on Tesla models

Recently, Tesla official news that in addition to the self-developed autopilot chip, Tesla will also launch a new ultrasonic radar and an enhanced version of the front radar. Officials say the new radar is close to twice the range and accuracy of the previous generation.

According to the official introduction, there are 12 ultrasonic radars on Tesla models, which are distributed in the first 6 and the rear. As a supplement to the body vision system, they are mainly responsible for detecting the precise distance of objects near the body. Tesla's new ultrasonic radar will not only improve detection range and accuracy, but also identify soft or hard objects. Therefore, the technology may be able to solve the problem that the current radar cannot accurately detect plastic obstacles on the road surface.

In addition, the enhanced front-end radar can also detect the road condition data in front of the vehicle by transmitting radar waves of redundant wavelengths, thus detecting rain, fog, dust and even the space below the front vehicle. According to Tesla's official statement, all vehicles currently being produced by Tesla are equipped with new hardware that supports full autopilot capability, including the newly released fully autonomous driving chip. Inferred from this, the new sensor may have been adopted in all of its newly produced models.

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