Shanghai Putuobu Built 110,000 IoT Sensors, And The City Has A Smart Brain

- Aug 18, 2020-

As soon as an elderly person who is lying in bed at home gets up from the bed, the IoT sensor transmits his latest posture data to the data center for analysis. Once an abnormality occurs, it will be alerted to the mobile phone of the caregiver in the community elderly care center and synchronized to the relevant Ambulance department.

This is a scene where Shanghai Putuo District explores smart elderly care in the community.

Shanghai Putuobu built IoT sensors and the city has a smart brain

Jiemian News learned from a press conference of the Shanghai Municipal Government on August 18 that 110,000 IoT sensors have been deployed in Putuo District, 46 types of smart city application scenarios have been developed, and characteristic sectors such as population information management, safe construction, and service economy have been created.

Shanghai Putuo built the "urban brain" district earlier in the city. Behind it is the result of fully supporting technological innovation.

Cao Liqiang, Secretary of the Putuo District Committee of Shanghai Putuo District, told the media that the industrial support structure of the district is becoming more and more perfect. Among them, the modern service industry has become the main driving force of the regional economy, and the key industries such as intelligent software, R&D services, technology and finance accounted for 30% of the district’s GDP. %. .

At present, in Putuo District, in terms of intelligent software industry, the energy levels of characteristic parks such as Tiandi Software Park and Huada Science and Technology Park continue to increase. Leading companies in the industries such as Lazars, Polk City, and China Post Technology are developing rapidly. In terms of R&D service industry, the two functional platforms of industrial control system safety innovation, robot R&D and transformation are included in the “Four Beams and Eight Pillars” of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, and key projects such as the Sino-German Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Center and Wentianxia 5G Innovation Center have taken root. ".

In terms of the technology and financial industry, Putuo District has built a cluster of Shanghai technology and financial industries and introduced a number of characteristic enterprises in the asset management and financial leasing fields such as Debon Securities and Far East Horizon.

At the same time, the life and health industry is gradually accumulating in Putuo District, gathering a group of high-quality enterprises in the fields of hospital management, health management, drug and medical device R&D and sales, building an international health innovation industrial park in Taopu, and conducting in-depth development with Tongji Medical College. Strategic cooperation. To seize new opportunities for online new economic development, introduce a number of high-energy and leading projects such as 360 East China Security Headquarters, Ali Digital Agriculture Supply Chain Management, and ByteDance Smart Education. Introduce a new infrastructure action plan, build the city's industrial Internet security industry demonstration zone, and build the city's first 5G boutique zone.

As the two "Golden Signs" of Putuo Science and Technology, the China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park and the Shanghai Tsinghua International Innovation Center are accelerating the increase in concentration and visibility, and strive to create a new growth pole for the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.

Putuo District Chief Jiang Dongdong revealed that in the past two years, many companies have settled in the China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park. This year, 31 companies and institutions have settled in the park, such as Ehealth Incubator, Mantis Wisdom, and Canadian Voiceprint Artificial Intelligence. Enterprises and institutions have settled in the park, which covers many high-tech fields such as biomedicine, artificial intelligence, general health, and intelligent manufacturing. The settled enterprises have 27 valid trademarks, 14 utility model patents, and 21 software registrations. At the same time, there are 13 invention patents, 6 utility model patents are under application, and about 13 patent applications are under active preparation.

In addition, Shanghai Putuo has established the Tsinghua University Regional Development Research Institute (Tsinghua University’s first high-end think tank in Shanghai), including 8 professional laboratories including Yunshang Technology Innovation, Turbocharged Combustion and Aerospace Power Technology, Information Security and Automotive Electronics , A research institute and eight laboratories. Among them, the under construction of the Yangtze River Delta Cloud Technology Innovation Service Platform database will provide in-depth contracts with more than 1 million data portraits of the Yangtze River Delta Cloud Technology R&D experts, and in-depth contracts with 50 technical experts with rich industry experience, creating a world-renowned innovation in Shanghai The talent think tank has truly built a cloud innovation platform that connects supply and demand, matches production and talent, and accurately pushes it. It has been approved as a special project by Shanghai Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and has received financial support from the city.

Jiang Dongdong said that at present, the agglomeration effect of the central talent highland has gradually emerged. A group of Tsinghua-based teams and enterprises such as Sato Intelligence, Shenhua Technology, Guanhu Medical, and Inoue Shu Cultural Development Center are gathering in Putuo District. At the same time, the center is actively gathering in Putuo District with companies such as the Electric Technology Group in Putuo. At the same time, the center is actively connecting with companies such as the Electricity Technology Group in our region, cooperating in the application market of smart cities, big data centers, public security and other fields, and constantly expanding new application scenarios.

Jiang Dongdong said that in the next step, Putuo will fully support and fully cooperate with the construction of Shanghai Tsinghua International Innovation Center to form a scientific and technological innovation echelon with international leading R&D standards and a mature technology transfer and transformation operation system, and use the transformation of achievements to drive industrial development. Actively strive to attract more first-class innovation teams, enterprises, and talents to settle in Putuo, and realize the industrialization of real scientific research results.


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