Children Are Forgotten In The Car, How To Use Sensor Technology To Do Anti-school Car Forgetting?

- Jun 05, 2019-

Recently, a 3-year-old girl from Xianning City, Hubei Province, was forgotten to be killed in a school bus. It is very distressing and the lesson is very painful.

In order to prevent such accidents from happening again, the Office of the School Safety Management Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference issued an early warning to remind schools, school bus operators and parents of teachers and students to implement safe ride responsibilities, and to ensure the safety of primary and secondary school students and children attending school buses.

use sensor technology to do anti-school car forgetting

How does sensor technology prevent "school bus forgetting"

At the implementation level, "anti-forgetting" is how to block the loopholes of negligence. In addition to refining safety management procedures, strengthening daily inspections, and forcing the establishment of standardized operating habits, there is a solution to the problem at the operational level.

Maximize the tragedy of children being forgotten in school buses, and start with improving technology. For example, an automatic comparison device is provided for the number of people getting on and off, and an infrared detection and surveillance camera is installed in the upper and lower door areas of the school bus. Infrared detection is used to detect the situation of people getting on and off the vehicle, and the monitoring is used for image analysis, and the number of people getting on and off can be automatically counted. When the number of people does not match, the automatic comparison device will issue corresponding prompts and alarms. For example, equipped with personnel detention detection device (infrared motion detection), the detector detects the movement of the personnel in the vehicle after the school bus stops, and when the student stays in the vehicle, the system detects that the personnel movement information will issue a corresponding alarm. Technical advice such as this is not superfluous and the relevant departments can test it in practice.

Another professional suggested that each school bus should be equipped with an "anti-forgotten tour button" at the end of the car. The device can monitor the driver to count the number of children and students, and the driver can close the door after completing the inventory work.

In fact, at the beginning of the entry into the automobile society in the United States, there were frequent incidents in which parents forgot their children in the car and suffocated the children. After that, auxiliary equipment such as "children's sensors" and "children's memorators" came into being. Immediately. It can be seen that “anti-forgetting” is not only a management job, but also a technical job. It is necessary to pay attention to the application and promotion of similar car security equipment, and even mandatory configuration.

This year, the Italian House of Representatives recently passed the "Meloni Act", that is, from 2019 onwards, the use of an alarm to eliminate the forgotten child seat must be used to prevent the child from being forgotten in the car and the tragedy of death again. According to the Italian website today, in the past 10 years, nine children in Italy died because they were forgotten by their parents in the car. A child seat equipped with an alarm will sound an audible signal when the car is turned off and the parents leave, and the indicator light will turn on to remind the parents not to forget the child in the closed compartment.

School bus safety monitoring technology

School bus safety monitoring technology

In fact, in recent years, the tragedy of students who died due to forgetting has occurred frequently. Therefore, we not only need to establish and improve various school bus management systems, but also need to use science and technology to improve school bus safety equipment and improve the school bus safety level. Therefore, systematic research on school bus anti-forgetting security monitoring technology can promote the overall quality level of school buses in China.

Through the reading of related patents, the research on school bus forgetting monitoring technology is relatively concentrated in the three directions of “active detection”, “coming up and down information comparison” and “passive inspection”.

"Active detection", that is, after the school bus is turned off, the human body detecting device is used to actively detect the human body, and an alarm is issued after the signal is detected. Since "active detection" can actively detect human body signals, it has high detection efficiency, and can avoid human-induced negligence. Therefore, relevant research has received great attention, and the proportion of related researches of "active detection" is close to 50%. This also shows that people's awareness of using high-tech technology for active monitoring has been greatly improved. The human body detecting device mainly includes pyroelectric infrared detector, ultrasonic detecting device, sound detector, microwave detector, pressure sensor, body temperature monitoring module and heart rate monitoring module, and the like.

"Comparing the information on and off the vehicle", that is, by collecting and comparing the information of the student getting on and off to determine whether there are students left on the school bus. If the information on the board is inconsistent, it is judged that there is a student left in the car, and an alarm signal is issued. The information collection methods for students to get on and off the vehicle include: brushing the RFID card to collect the information of the student getting on and off the vehicle, using the monitoring camera to capture the information of getting on and off, and using the pressure sensor to collect the information of getting on and off the vehicle.

“Passive patrol” means that the patrol button is installed at the rear of the school bus. After parking, the school bus safety system automatically activates the alarm circuit to make an audible and visual alarm. The driver or safety officer is required to inspect the rear of the vehicle to check whether there are children stranded in each position, and then close. The patrol switch cancels the alarm.

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