Sensor Technology In Construction Machinery

- Aug 27, 2015-

Sensor technology in mechanical engineering is more of many, since the sensor technology to optimize the engineering machinery engines, hydraulic systems, construction machinery manufacturers and suppliers can more effectively address some of the key issues the building site. Fatigue and skills, safety and accuracy of the work of the operator, the wear and tear of equipment downtime, reduce emissions and higher fuel efficiency requirements, and so on, these are the sensor technology can change these.

Sensors in the engineering machinery applications include three aspects: First, engine operating conditions control; the second is to control the hydraulic system; third is to control the overall performance of mechanical engineering. And engineering machinery diesel engines for use in sensor has the following types: control position sensor air flow sensor movable piece injection mechanism; pressure sensors, including fuel pressure, oil pressure lubricating oil system pressure sensor; for the engine speed speed sensor control; for monitoring and control fuel level and oil level sensor and a temperature sensor control. The same transmission occupies a very important position in modern construction machinery in the hydraulic drive, it is not only used in the main body of work, such as a mining excavator transmission mechanism, vibratory roller vibration mechanism, but also in modern engineering machinery running system, servo steering systems, and some are a large number of applications. Sensors in the hydraulic system controls the hydraulic oil mainly a temperature sensor; control the hydraulic pressure of the oil pressure sensor; control leakage flow sensors and flow; hydraulic oil level control level sensors.

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