Sensor Purchase Reference

- Aug 27, 2015-

Modern sensor principle and structure vary widely, depending on how the measurement purposes, the measurement object and measuring environment reasonable selection of sensors, is a measurement of the amount during the first problem to be solved. When the sensor is determined, with the support of measurement methods and equipment it will be determined. Measurements success or failure depends largely on the sensor selection is reasonable. Acquisition sensor refer to the following:

1, according to the measurement object determines the type of sensor and the measurement environment

Can be determined after a detailed survey work, we must first consider what kind of principle of the sensor, which requires analysis of many factors - to be. Because, even measuring the same physical, there are many principles of the sensor are available, which is more appropriate sensor principle, we need to consider the following specific issues to be measured according to the conditions of use features and sensors: Range of size; the measured position of the sensor volume requirements; measurement of contact or non-contact; signal extraction methods, cable or non-contact measurement; source sensor, domestic or imported, the price can not stand, or self-developed.

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