On The Earth-shaking Changes In Sensor Science And Technology

- Aug 27, 2015-

It will record the arrival of the sensor into the information age, in fact, this is not without reason. Arrival sensor is indeed changed the scientific and technological development in all aspects of people's lives, because of the sensor, which is the only way to get the main production areas and means of nature and of the information. In the gallery of human history, the sensor in basic science research has highlighted the more their status. It deepen the substance awareness, open up all kinds of extreme technical research plays an important role in the new energy, new materials. Some sensor development, is a pioneer in the development of a number of interdisciplinary, it is recognized that with the development of the sensor have everything.

Early in the 1960s of Shanghai, Sichuan, Chongqing and other places to set up a sensor business, which means that at that time our country has been involved in sensor manufacturing. Those early manufacturing enterprise still exists today, but now active in the international market is still Germany, Japan, the United States, Russia and other old industrial countries. In any developing country or developed sensor range of applications are very wide, as many manufacturers have realized the scale of production, is not difficult to imagine that the annual production capacity could reach tens of millions of enterprises is not only a rarity.

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