National Energy Administration: Encouraging All Types Of Enterprises And Individuals To Invest, Build And Operate Decentralized Wind Power Projects

- Apr 17, 2018-

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The "Provisional Management Measures for the Development and Construction of Decentralized Wind Power Projects" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") issued by the National Energy Administration recently proposed that all types of enterprises and individuals be encouraged as project units to invest and build on the premise of meeting the overall plans for land use. And operating decentralized wind power projects.


The "Measures" clearly and comprehensively broaden the application field. Encourage the integrated development of decentralized wind power projects and various forms of energy such as solar energy, natural gas, biomass energy, geothermal energy, and ocean energy, and increase the level of renewable energy use in the region; and improve people’s livelihood improvement projects such as ecotourism, beautiful villages, and specialty towns. Combine to promote county economic development; integrate effectively with smart cities, smart parks, and smart communities to provide energy support for the construction of future city (community) forms; fully integrate development and utilization of island resources, promote the development of the marine economy, and expand the development space.


The "Measures" proposes innovative investment and financing mechanisms. Encourage all types of enterprises, social institutions, rural collective economic organizations and individuals to participate in the investment in decentralized wind power projects and achieve diversification of investment entities.


The "Measures" also proposes that banks and other financial institutions are encouraged to comprehensively consider social and commercial sustainability under the premise of effective prevention and control of risks, actively provide financial services for decentralized wind power projects, and explore the right to sell electricity and electricity for projects. Assets are pledged loan mechanisms.


Under the premise of ensuring that the implicit debts of local governments are not increased, the "Measures" encourage the legal and compliant use of financial leases to provide integrated financing lease services for decentralized wind power projects; encourage the integration of various types of funds, insurance, trusts, and industrial capital. Investigate the establishment of a decentralized investment fund for wind power projects; encourage guarantee agencies to provide credit guarantees for decentralized wind power projects to small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, and support decentralized wind power into households and communities (rural and industrial parks, etc.).


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In places where wind power is generated, unattended wind speed and direction detectors (ultrasonic anemometer) are also widely used. The principle of operation is to use ultrasonic wind sensor measure time difference method to measure wind speed. The velocity of the sound in the air will be superimposed on the wind speed. If the direction of propagation of the ultrasonic wave is the same as the direction of the wind, its speed will increase. Conversely, if the direction of ultrasonic wave propagation is opposite to the direction of the wind, its speed will become slower. Therefore, under fixed detection conditions, the speed at which ultrasonic waves propagate in the air can correspond to the wind speed function. Accurate wind speed and wind direction can be obtained through calculation.


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