Load Cell Group Caution

- Aug 27, 2015-

In order to ensure the performance of industrial electronic scales, consider how to choose a single load cell and weighing instrument is very inadequate, the sensor load attachment means is one of the important aspects of electronic scales performance; many of the performance of electronic scales meet design requirements often due to loading caused by the irrational connection device selection.

The main function of load connection means is to ensure that the material contained in the scale body weight by weighing sensor can deliver the best way to force sensors, but will not introduce any other disturbance force and weight of the material carried by unrelated. Here, the scale may be a hoppers, silos, feed tank, weighing platform, weighing boxes, metering belts, metering roller, and even be part of the application device, such as driving fixed pulley block, steel (iron) water Tanker frame and so on.

1, in order to ensure the load force coupling means loading the line of action coincides with the axis of the sensor, due to installation problems and overcome the effects of the introduction of tilt load and eccentric loading on the measurement of performance, if necessary, install tooling to be used to ensure this.

2, electronic scales in use, if that is the horizontal lateral impact force is too large, it would exceed the load connection means anti-lateral force or self-reset capability, consider the design or to add a special spacing device loaded connecting means;

3, in the process by carrying severely affected by the impact of electronic scales to increase the overload protection device overload protection structures or increase the loading connection means;

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