Gases Become Safer, Gas Becomes Smarter, And Ultrasonic Gas Meters Make Your City Smarter

- May 04, 2018-

In the gas industry, old gas meters in developed cities need to be gradually replaced with new gas meters. Ultrasonic gas meters can be used as gas data collection terminals to collect and collect large amounts of data more accurately and safely, providing effective data mining and data analysis for cities. support.

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In recent years, China's consumption of natural gas has gradually increased. In 2016, the apparent consumption of natural gas in China was 208.7 billion cubic meters, and in 2017 it reached 237.3 billion cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 15%.

At present, China's natural gas meters are mainly membrane meters. The installed capacity of the country is about 130 million, and the annual output is 20 million. This figure is dwarfed by the comparison of water meters and electricity meters—the installed capacity of Chinese water meters has reached 250 million units, the annual output of water meters has reached 60 million units, and the installed capacity of electric meters has reached 511 million units.

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However, whether it is a water meter, an electric meter, or a gradually rising gas meter, with the huge population base of China, the instrument market is based on the "100 million" unit of market capacity. Especially in the market where coal is used to change gas, beautiful countryside, urban warm air, and small commercial gas, the demand for new types of tableware represented by ultrasonic natural gas meters is considerable.

The ultrasonic flow meter is a meter that measures the liquid flow rate in a circular tube based on the principle of “speed difference method”. Acoustic waves are transmitted from one ultrasonic sensor probe to the other, and the flow rate and speed of sound can be calculated from the measured transmission times upstream and downstream. Compared with traditional membrane gas meters, it uses advanced multi-pulse technology, digital signal processing technology and error correction technology to make the flow meter more adaptable to the industrial site environment.

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In addition, with the widespread use of “Internet+” and big data and the acceleration of urban processes, gas meters are no longer limited to metering functions, but they are also the terminals for data collection. Because the ultrasonic gas meter directly adopts the digital signal, it can obtain information such as instantaneous flow rate, accumulated gas consumption, pipeline pressure, and minute leakage on a more accurate basis, and becomes a good carrier for gas data collection.

With the support of these data, we can achieve value-added services through the analysis of big data, for example, through the overall management and control of regional gas use, improve the efficiency of gas use; detect pipe network pressure and reduce the cost of investigation; according to the instantaneous flow and maximum The flow rate evaluates whether the currently selected form meets the gas use scenario and provides decision basis for the selection.

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