Gas Monitoring Sensor Application In Metallurgical Steel Industry

- Jun 12, 2019-

Gas monitoring sensor application in metallurgical steel industry

The metallurgical industry uses a wide range of gas detection mainly in steel and aluminum production. China is the world's largest steel producer. Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen oxides are widely used in the steel and aluminum industry. Gas sensors are mainly used to monitor fuel combustion conditions, improve fuel utilization, save energy and reduce consumption, monitor exhaust gas conditions, reduce pollution, and also detect gas leaks in industrial sites to ensure production safety and prevent occupational diseases.

Enterprises with a capacity of one million tons of production capacity need to use about 300 gas detection instruments per year on average, and the annual demand for 10 million tons of steel enterprises is 500. If there are 93 steel enterprises with a million tons capacity, the output of 10 million tons The calculation of 17 steel companies requires a total of 36,400 units, plus the metallurgical industry such as aluminum smelting, which has a larger annual demand.

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