Baoji: Strive To Build China's Sensor Capital

- Jun 12, 2019-

The phone rings, when you are close to the ear, the screen of the phone automatically dims, this is the photoelectric sensor in the phone is working; use the electric kettle to boil water, when the water temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius, the switch automatically jumps, this is the kettle The temperature sensor works; you sit in the co-pilot position of the car. If you don't wear a seat belt, the car will keep sounding a reminder. This is the role of the pressure sensor on the seat... In our life, the sensor has no Not there, but we rarely notice it.

Today, Baoji City is striving to build a “sensor capital” to boost the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry and contribute to the construction of “equipment manufacturing city”.

"Hometown of Pressure Sensors"

Throughout the development of the sensor industry in Baoji City, the silicon-based force sensor is the birthplace, and the four major categories of pressure, temperature, flow and liquid level are involved. About 200 product subdivision series are derived. Force sensitive sensors are the mainstay.

At present, the sensor industry in Baoji has formed a relatively stable industrial structure with large, medium and small enterprises. Sensor companies are mainly concentrated in the Suibin District, among which small and micro enterprises are mostly, except for chips, most of the processes The necessary raw materials and materials can be completed in the area. Up to now, there are more than 50 professional sensor-related enterprises in Baoji City, forming a complete industrial chain of diaphragms, cables, housings, cores and sensitive components to transmitters. The output value of the sensor industry in the city is about 1 billion yuan, and nearly 10,000 employees are employed.

The development of Baoji sensor industry has a long history and relatively complete basic conditions, and it is also of great significance in the development of Baoji industry.

Industrial Internet brings new opportunities

Baoji is an important industrial town in the western part of China. As an important industrial layout city during the construction of the “First Five-Year” and “Three-line” countries, large and medium-sized enterprises and national defense military enterprises are relatively concentrated, with a solid industrial base and relatively complete categories, especially in the manufacturing industry. Strong sensor manufacturing and supporting capabilities. At present, Baoji Industrial System covers five pillar industries of automobile and parts, titanium and titanium alloy, tobacco and alcohol food, energy and chemical industry, and superior equipment manufacturing; aerospace, new energy and energy conservation, electronic information and optical communication, biomedical and health equipment Five high-end CNC machine tools and intelligent manufacturing five strategic emerging industries; building materials, textiles and garments, non-ferrous metallurgy three major industries. There are more than 700 industrial enterprises above designated size in the city.

At present, Baoji City is exploring a new mode of integration of manufacturing and Internet. The industrial Internet is the main focus of Baoji's enterprise transformation and high-quality development. The Baoji Industrial Cloud Platform has been built, which has greatly expanded the application scenarios of sensors. It is smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence is very demanding on sensors. The development of industrial Internet has brought a new opportunity for domestic sensor companies. Among them, sensor companies including pressure, temperature, humidity, flow and liquid level will usher in the "spring" of development.

In October 2018, 25 state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in Baoji City jointly established the Association of Sensor Enterprises of Baoji City Military-civilian Convergence Industry Association to build a platform for the city's sensor manufacturers to form a joint force and “crowd development”. On the basis of the original industry, Baoji City is constantly looking for new breakthrough points. Due to the limited area and resource carrying capacity, the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the development of “high-tech” emerging industries are the only way, and the sensor industry will also become the main One of the directions of industrial development.

Form a group of innovative, special, special, new and innovative SMEs

At the beginning of 2019, at the fifth plenary session of the 12th session of the Baoji Municipal Committee, Baoji proposed to build the “sensor capital”. Around this goal, Baoji City has initially formulated a medium- and long-term plan for the development of the sensor industry and a three-year action plan, which clearly defines the development of a plan, the introduction of a number of policies, the construction of a park, the establishment of an alliance, the creation of a center, and the attraction of a group of talents. "Building ideas, build a sensor industry development ecosystem. At the same time, the existing advantages will be exerted, and the pressure sensor will be the main direction of attack, forming multiple technologies and process routes, multi-variety and multi-range development, and pushing the products to the middle and high end. Highlight the development of consumer electronic sensors in the fields of smart homes, firefighting, etc., and accelerate the development of sensors for industrial equipment such as automotive electronics, machine tools, and rail transit. At the same time, promote the integration model of military and civilian integration, and develop dual-use sensors for military and civilian use.
It is understood that Baoji City will be based on Jiang Tan Industrial Park, both domestically and externally. While strengthening the local sensor enterprises, it will attract high-quality resources from domestic and foreign industries to help the development of Baoji sensor industry with preferential policies. Strive to cultivate a group of leading enterprises with an output value of more than 1 billion yuan through 3-5 years of efforts, and form a group of innovative SMEs with special, special, refined and new, and build a tens of billions of sensors and IoT industrial bases. A solid move toward the goal of “the city of sensors”.

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