Apple's New Patent: Very Cool Force Sensing Control Gloves

- Jun 07, 2019-

Apple's recent patent application indicates that they are developing a force sensing glove that opens a new direction for gesture control.

touch sensor technology

You can open your mind and think about it. If our future screens are not limited to a certain device, how much change will the screen shift bring to our lives? It is possible that office, entertainment, and communication are not limited by equipment. Based on the upcoming popularity of 5G, our smart scenes may change dramatically.
If this patent can be successfully turned into a product on the market, then many industries will undergo tremendous changes. It also means huge business opportunities, and the next trend is likely to be in this.

If extended, this force sensing device can be applied to a wide range of fields, such as fitness, medicine, and even helping people with disabilities. Certain vertical areas of the future will change due to this trend. The popularity of 5G will bring a lot of products based on the speed of large data streams to the speed of the network, 8K ultra-high-definition picture display or virtual reality will not be a dream.

How does the force sensing glove work?

In its patent, Apple recommends that the force sensing circuit "includes a force sensor element formed from an electrode on a compressible substrate, such as an elastomeric polymer substrate."

In addition, the patent states that force sensing circuits should use conductive strands that are directly woven into the fabric itself, where it is also possible to overlap the reinforcement with the sensor, which opens the door for the control object in the VR / AR / MR space.

Apple also pointed out that integrated circuits can be connected to sensors using adhesives, allowing the use of these materials to create more complex systems.

It is particularly noteworthy that Apple has stated in the detailed description of the patent "including wireless communication circuits such as antennas, radio frequency transceivers and other electronic components for supporting wireless communication with external electronic devices."

"If desired, the wireless communication circuitry can be based on an infrared emitter, such as an infrared light emitting diode or laser, for transmitting infrared commands to the electronic device."

Although many patents may not become products in front of us, this concept is a good inspiration. I believe many technology companies are working on this technology. I personally predict that such products should come to us in the near future. In front of you, wait and see, friends.

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