Weighing sensor accuracy analysis

- Aug 27, 2015-

Precision weighing sensor is accurate to what extent he can, say 300KG3000 indexing sensor, accurate to the specific 0.1KG

Linearity refers to how the overall linearity of the sensor, for example, a sensor in the range of 20% or less and 80% of span Linearity deviation, the displayed weight value and the true value of the deviation is too large, consistent with the overall linearity of the algorithm precision arithmetic. +/- 0.2% means that the total capacity and the true value of the deviation of 0.2%

Lag means: step by step and then followed by removing the load applied to the load, corresponding to the next load, ideally at every level should be the same as reading, but in fact inconsistent, it is inconsistent to the extent indicated by the index lag error.

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