Weighing point sensor mechanical installation should pay attention to

- Aug 27, 2015-

The load cell is actually a quality signal into a measurable electrical signal output device. Yin sensor must first consider the actual working environment in which the sensor, this point is crucial for the correct selection of the load sensor, it is related to whether the normal work of the sensor as well as its safety and service life, and the whole weighing the reliability and security sex. On the basic concept and evaluation methods weighing sensor main technical indicators, new and old GB qualitative differences.

1, the installation of the sensor base mounting surface should be smooth, clean, without any film, film and so on exist. Mounting base itself should have sufficient strength and rigidity, generally require higher strength and stiffness of the sensor itself.

2, the load cell to be gently, especially aluminum alloy produced by the small capacity of the elastomer sensor, any shock, drop, its performance measurement are likely to cause great harm. For large-capacity load cells, in general, it has a large weight, and therefore requires handling, installation, try to use a suitable lifting equipment (eg chain hoists, electric hoists, etc.).

3, each weighing load direction of the sensor are determined, and when we use, be sure to load the load in this direction. Lateral force, the additional moment, torque, force should be avoided.

4, level adjustment: horizontal adjustment has two aspects. One single sensor mounting base mounting surface to use a level to adjust the level, on the other hand refers to the mounting base mounting surface a plurality of sensors to try to adjust to a horizontal plane (with water level), especially the number of sensors more than three weighing systems, more should pay attention to this point, the main purpose of doing so is to make the load on each sensor are basically the same.

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