Ultrasonic sensor level gauge use limitations

- Jun 12, 2019-

ultrasonic sensor in liquid lever measurement

Ultrasonic liquid level gauge is widely used in chemical, water treatment, water conservancy, food, food and other industries for level measurement, with safety, clean, high precision, long life, stable and reliable, easy installation and maintenance, simple reading and so on. The product adopts two-wire system, three-wire system or four-wire system technology. The power supply circuit and signal output circuit are independent. When using DC 24V power supply, a 3-core cable can be used. The negative terminal of the power supply and the negative terminal of the signal output share a core. Line; when using AC 220v power supply, or when using DC 24V power supply, the power supply circuit is completely isolated from the signal output circuit, a 4-core cable should be used. DC or AC power supply, with 4~20mADC, high and low level switching output.
Limitations of the use of ultrasonic level gauges:

1. Temperature:

 Ultrasonic level gauge is a principle of sound wave reflection. The change of temperature will cause the change of sound speed. Natural factors can also cause errors in actual measurements, while advanced measurement systems, including temperature sensors and system functions, automatically compensate for temperature effects. In practical applications, because the ambient environment of the probe is not the same as the temperature of the measured medium, the measurement system should select the temperature sensor combined with the probe and the external temperature sensor separated by the probe to compensate the temperature according to actual requirements.

2. Dust: Dust 

It is one of the most influential factors in the measurement of ultrasonic level gauge. The influence of dust environment on sound velocity is very small, but the attenuation of sound wave is very obvious, so it is better not to use it in this case.

3. Working pressure: 

The main influence of pressure is the probe. At the same time, there is a certain relationship between pressure and temperature. T=KP (K is a constant), so the change of pressure affects the change of temperature, which in turn affects the change of sound speed.
4. The location of water mist and foam can not use ultrasonic level gauge, which will affect the actual measurement accuracy of ultrasonic level gauge.

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