Ultrasonic sensor for measuring the level of canned liquid

- May 25, 2019-

    Level measurement is an integral part of process control and inventory management in many industries. The following common detection methods are common:

common detection methods for liquid level

This article focuses on ultrasonic level measurement. The advantages of ultrasonic level measurement are as follows:

1. Easy installation and maintenance, simple reading;

2. It is safe, clean, high precision, long life, stable and reliable;

3. It belongs to non-contact measurement, and its accuracy is relatively low due to the viscosity and density of the liquid.

ultrasonic sensor for liquid level measurements in tank

Finished sensors for digital and analog output:

If you select an ultrasonic sensor with an output mode, you can select both level sensors, namely the point sensor (digital sensor) and the continuous level sensor (analog sensor). The type of sensor suitable for level measurement depends on the application.

What type of tank sensor is right for your application?

A point level sensor is used to detect a single level of liquid at a predetermined level. These sensors are ideal for use as high or low alarms and can flag an overflow condition or be marked as low level, indicating a level below the desired threshold.

The continuous level sensor provides level monitoring of the entire system. They measure the liquid level within the range, rather than a single point, and output an analog signal related to the liquid level in the liquid or container.

osenon ultrasonic sensor model

Passive probe selection

According to the distance you want to measure, usually the storage tank of the warehouse is large, you need to use a large range of ultrasonic probes, as shown in the figure below, there are 10 meters to 50 meters.

40E60TR-4 ultrasonic sensor for ULA-ultrasonic level-meter75E38TR-1 ultrasonic sensor for ULA-ultrasonic level-meter

If there is a higher requirement for accuracy, then a high-frequency probe of 100KHZ or higher is selected to obtain higher-precision detection data, but usually the distance is not too large, within 4 meters.

What is the external level measurement?

If the liquid level measurement in a car tank is similar, the ultrasonic sensor is usually attached to the bottom of the tank, and the effect of the externally attached liquid level can be obtained by selecting the following products.

Principle of externally attached liquid level measurement

outside detect liquid level measurement ultrasonic sensor

Do you have other application needs and ideas? Welcome to discuss together.

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