Ultrasonic sensor flowmeter three installation methods

- Jun 12, 2019-

Ultrasonic flowmeters are non-contact meters that measure both medium flow in large diameters and media that are difficult to access and observe. Its measurement accuracy is very high, and it is almost undisturbed by various parameters of the measured medium. In particular, it can solve the problem of flow measurement of strong corrosive, non-conductive, radioactive and flammable and explosive materials that other instruments cannot.

1, external clip

external clip Ultrasonic flowmeters

Ultrasonic flowmeters require a complete cleaning of the outer wall of the flow detection and smoothing of the outer surface of the flow, and then the couplant is used to fix the probe on the outside of the polished seat. The reason for using the couplant is that it does not It affects the imaging of ultrasonic waves and is not corrosive to the probe. However, if such a method is used, improper detection of the coupling agent may cause a detection error.

2, plug-in

plug-in Ultrasonic flowmeters

In this method, the ultrasonic flowmeter needs to open the detected part and then insert the probe. However, with such a detection method, the data is relatively accurate.

3. Pipeline

Pipeline Ultrasonic flowmeters

The advantage of this method is that if the inspection equipment is not stopped, if there is any need for maintenance, it can be directly repaired, and the detected data is also very accurate. 

OSENON's engineers think that the results of the latter two installation methods are generally high, and many test stations use such detection methods.

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