Ultrasonic drive dog repellent insects and other animal principles

- May 03, 2018-


Nowadays, more and more people are keen to keep pet dogs. However, many public places such as shopping malls, hotels, and public parks have stipulated that no pets are allowed to enter. In the residents' living quarters, it is true that at night or in the late night, the pet dog “wangwang” has barked. It is difficult for people to rest. Some evil dogs may even cause harm to the human body or transmit rabies. Of course, it is most important to increase the awareness and responsibility of the dog owners in their care. The present invention seeks to find a way to use an electronic means for emitting ultrasonic waves to drive a dog close or deter a dog from entering a particular place, or to allow an excited pet dog to quickly calm down.


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According to information, many animals are particularly well-developed in hearing and can hear humans not hearing high-frequency sounds. Usually the frequency of the animal's hearing range is between 30 and 50 kHz. Many commercial pest repellers are based on this principle. made. Most dog ears are particularly sensitive or responsive to sounds at frequencies from 15 to 25 kHz. Ultrasound sounds have a good effect on pet dogs.


The product is researched and designed according to this principle. The core circuit is a powerful ultrasonic generator that uses it to emit high-frequency sounds (ie, ultrasonic waves) to drive pet dogs. With this method, pet dogs can be calmed down at night. Randomly barking, or used to surrender some intimidation of evil dogs. For those who are particularly afraid of dogs, it is necessary to carry a dog-walking device with them to prevent the harassment and harm of those unfriendly dogs in the street.


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Since different dogs react to different frequencies, the circuit needs to be properly adjusted. Test whether the circuit works properly at different frequencies. The frequency of the trimmer potentiometer RP and the capacitor Cl is about 14KHz to 25KHz; the capacitance of the capacitor Cl is very critical, it determines the oscillation frequency of the self-excited multivibrator circuit, most of the ceramic capacitor work is not stable, the error About 20%, so it is recommended to use a stable performance of polypropylene capacitors; capacitance Cl value is too large, the self-excited multi-resonance oscillation circuit oscillation frequency is lower; because of inconvenience to fine-tune the capacitance of the capacitor Cl to change the oscillation frequency, so It is recommended to adjust the trimmer potentiometer RP to change the oscillation frequency of the self-excited multivibrator circuit.

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The maximum operating current of the whole device is 110mA. Since the whole device is intermittently operated, the average power consumption is less than 75mA, so it is possible to use the No. 2 common The battery acts as a DC power supply; another use of the ultrasonic driver is to add a sound-triggered switch to the device.


As soon as the dog screams in the dark, the device immediately initiates the buzzing of ultrasonic waves; after such a period of training Dogs near the ultrasonic drive will not yell at night or open the ultrasonic drive, and the dog that is screaming will immediately escape.

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