The principle of ultrasonic sensor in anemometer for wind speed and direction

- Jan 21, 2018-


Ultrasonic  Anemometer’s work principle is by ultrasonic transit-time to measure the wind  speed. Because it can overcome the inherent defects of mechanical anemometer, it  can work in whole day, long time. it gets more and more widely used and is a  powerful replacement of mechanical anemometer.

ultrasonic senosr in wind speed and direction detection of anemometer.jpg

ultrasonic anemometer

The  principles of ultrasonic anemometer

Ultrasonic Anemometer’s work  principle is by ultrasonic transit-time to measure the wind speed. The speed of  sound in air speed will stack add speed of the air flow up. If the ultrasonic  direction is same as the wind’s, it will speed up; Conversely, if the ultrasonic  direction is contrary with the wind direction, it will be slower. Therefore,  under the fixed test conditions, the ultrasonic speed in the air and the wind  speed function is corresponded. It can be obtained the exact wind speed and  direction by calculating. Because sound spread through the air, its speed  greatly influenced by temperature. The Anemometer detects 2 channels on the two  opposite directions, so the temperature impact on the speed of sound is  negligible.


If necessary, users may select  wind speed unit, the output frequency and output format, may also select the  heating device (recommended in the cold environment) or analog output. It can  connect with computers, data acquisition, or other RS485 or analog output  consistent with the collection of equipment. If necessary, you can also form a  network of multiple to use.

ultrasonic transit-time to measure wind speed principle.jpg

ultrasonic sensor transit-time to measure wind speed and direction

 The example of pulse transmitting  circuit

ultrasonic sensor pulse transmitting circuit in anemometer.jpg

The example of  pulse transmitting circuit 

 The applications of ultrasonic  anemometer


Because  the application of ultrasonic anemometer convenient, accurate, flexible and can  be used in many fields, widely used in urban environmental monitoring, wind,  weather monitoring, bridges, tunnels, marine vessels, airports, manufacturing  all kinds of fans, exhaust ventilation required systems industries.



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