The principle of ultrasonic flow meter

- Jan 21, 2018-



Ultrasonic flow meter is a "speed  difference method" for the principle to measure the liquid flow in tube. It uses  advanced multi-pulse technology, digital signal processing and error correction  technology. The flow meter can adapt to the industrial field environments,  measurement more convenient, economical and accurate.

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Ultrasonic sensor in flow meter

The principle of ultrasonic flow  meter

Ultrasonic flow meter is assembled  by the ultrasonic transducer, electronic circuit and flow display and the  cumulative system of three parts. Ultrasonic transmitter transducer converts  electrical energy into ultrasonic energy, and launched into the measured fluid.  Receiver receives the ultrasonic signals. It’s amplified by the electronic  circuit and converted to electrical signals representative of the supply flow  rate and totalize display instrument for display and totalize. This way is to  realize the flow detection and display.


Based detection methods can be  divided into velocity difference method, Doppler method, beam offset method, the  noise law and related laws, such as different types of ultrasonic flow meter.  Over the last decade with the rapid development of integrated circuit  technology, ultrasonic flow meter is a kind of started applications.

ultrasonic sensor measurement of direct propagation time.jpg

Ultrasonic sensor Measurement of  direct propagation time

The example of pulse transmitting  circuit

ultrasonic sensor pulse transmitting circuit in flow meter.jpg

The example of ultrasonic sensor's pulse transmitting  circuit

The  applications of ultrasonic flow meter 

As the ultrasonic flow meter can  be used as non-contact measurement, no measurement of flow obstruction, no  pressure loss, measurable non-conductive liquid, etc., it’s widely used in plant  effluent monitoring, cementing slurry flow measurement, oily waste water flow  measurement, oil Note water flow measurement, water flow measurement, industrial  circulating water flow measurement, process water consumption measurement,  mineral slurry flow measurement, flow measurement ore slurry, sodium aluminate  and other process-flow measurement and control, cooling circulating water flow  measurement, turbine cooling coil water flow measurement, flow measurement and  other aspects of milk etc.

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