The principle of the ultrasonic sensor sewer level gauge

- Aug 08, 2020-

For sewer workers, how to quickly know the status of the sewer and ensure that it is not blocked is a very important and urgent problem. There is an ultrasonic level gauge sensor that can solve this kind of problem-ultrasonic sewer level gauge.

ultrasonic senosr for level in sewer

1. The principle of the ultrasonic sensor sewer level gauge

Ultrasonic sewer level gauge is a kind of ultrasonic level gauge, sometimes called by people as well, its working principle is similar to that of ordinary ultrasonic level gauge in many places. Usually the sensor of the level gauge is placed above the sewage to be measured, so that the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the water surface, and the height of the sensor to the water surface is calculated according to the reflection time. The device inside the host sends this height to the field transmission device or sends it to the background server, so that the user can directly see the liquid level data measured on-site on the server later.

Second, the characteristics of the ultrasonic sensor sewer level gauge:

1. The sewer has a special environment and a special medium. The measured medium is not necessarily a liquid, which will have a certain impact on the rise of the liquid level and the pressure of the liquid. The ultrasonic sewer level gauge adopts non-contact measurement and is not affected by it. The impact of sedimentation will not be blocked, and the safety of the instrument is also guaranteed.

2. Ultrasonic sewer level gauge has a stronger signal. During wireless transmission, as long as there is a good mobile phone signal, you can see the field data on the remote server.

3. Due to the particularity of the environment, it is difficult to ensure power access at the sewer. Therefore, the ultrasonic sewer level gauge uses a built-in battery and does not require an external power supply. This not only saves time and effort for the construction procedures of the provinces and cities, but also facilitates pedestrians. Passed above.


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