Talk about how to properly use the load cell

- Aug 27, 2015-

I. Overview

With the change of time, the rapid development of electronic weighing, weighing in terms of large-scale, widespread heavy investment in long-Spec carrier truck used, some new problems have emerged in front of us. Especially since the steel carrier by thermal expansion and contraction effects of varying lengths produced, one can not directly make the load cell vertical transmission power value; the second will affect the size of the gap spacing means, even top dead. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement of performance, you should choose what the load cell structure is the guiding ideology of this article want to pass. At home and abroad for weighing sensors on large scales roughly: column load cell, bridge weighing sensor, double shear beam load cell rings, axial symmetry twisted ring-type load cell, spoke weighing sensor ʱ??

Second, the characteristics of several weighing sensors

1, column load cell

Pros: Compact, strong overload capacity, high natural frequency, fast dynamic response, more convenient installation, low manufacturing cost.

Disadvantages: anti-lateral and partial load capacity of the poor (preferably double diaphragm structure), poor intrinsic linearity, the load cell is easy to rotate easily fixed.

Column load cell due to the above advantages, there are more on the truck used, but its shortcomings can not be avoided. Poor resistance to lateral and partial load capacity issues for the column load sensors on some of the company's product samples specially recommended "does not affect the measurement of performance," the partial load angle.

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