Skylight discussed cantilever load sensor applications

- Aug 27, 2015-

Cantilever shear beam sensor, also known as a sensor, its shape is rectangular most strain zone in the middle of the sensor site. Generally there are two mounting holes at the rear end, the front end has a pressure attachment, so that it can carry the weight of the good.

Cantilever sensor platform scales on a small platform and a wide range of applications, generally use three sensors or four sensors as a group. Through letters and conditioner to more than just the sensor signal retransmission after treatment for measurement instruments, thus the measured values unfolded.

Advantages cantilever sensor is mainly reflected in the ease of installation, two mounting holes can be easily fixed to the base or the weighing platform surface. Easy maintenance and replacement. Its anti-side load capability in many types of sensors which also has outstanding performance, its pressure accessory has a universal joint, it can force all directions accurately convey sensors.

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