Sensors help food industry

- Aug 27, 2015-

In modern industrial production, especially the production process automation, sensors play an increasing role. In the food industry, the sensor is to obtain information on natural and production areas in the main ways and means Sensor is help the food industry to promote the development of information technology in the food industry.

 Sensors help food industry

Champoux consulting industry analyst pointed out: to rely on sensors to obtain food industry production information, already is the trend of modern food processing enterprises. IC detector has a wide range of applications in food processing plants in foreign countries, this technique can detect the time deterioration of food. In our country, the role of sensors in the food industry is also increasingly important.

As the importance of food in our country gradually increase the detection, detection technology applications will be further expanded. By comparing standard database parameters, food spoilage can be detected within a short time the date and very accurate test results. Food packaging machinery in detection technology is no longer confined to the application of the production line, color machine vision products have been applied in food inspection, mainly through the color of the food to determine its level of maturity and quality. In addition, the application of wireless sensor networks are universal and rapid, large-scale food processing plants overseas have the technology to collect food information, ensuring food safety system. In China, a growing number of business managers have gradually increased the importance of sensors in the food industry to reduce production costs and improve the quality of food packaging.

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