Precautions tension sensor installation

- Aug 27, 2015-

1, the tension sensor to gently, especially for aluminum alloy material as a small-capacity sensor elastomer, any vibration caused by the impact or fall, are likely to cause great output error.

2 should be designed and installed to ensure that the loading device is loaded with tensile force line of action of the force sensor that coincides with the axis, the inclined eccentric load and to minimize the impact load.

3, the horizontal adjustment. If you are using a single force sensor, then mounted flat base you want to use a level to adjust until level; if it is the case of multiple sensors simultaneously measure, then the mounting surface of their base to try to keep on a level surface, purpose of doing so mainly in order to ensure that each sensor is exposed to the power of basically the same.

4, in accordance with its instructions tension sensor range selected sensor used to determine the rated load.

5, the base mounting surface should be as smooth and clean the sensor, did not wait for any oil or film exists. Mounting base itself should have sufficient strength and rigidity, usually require higher strength and stiffness of the sensor itself.

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