Precautions for installing gas mass flow meter of ultrasonic sensor when detecting vehicle exhaust

- Oct 15, 2018-

    To ensure the accuracy requirements of the gas mass flowmeter measurement system, in addition to the accuracy of the instrument to be connected, the correct installation also plays a role. In principle, the installation should follow the vertical direction of the sensor probe and the pipe. If the site is not allowed, the angle of inclination should not exceed ±20°. The current output of the TF100 thermal mass flow meter (standard 4 to 20 mA) is active. Divided into two outputs: one is the flow rate signal; the other is the medium temperature signal. If the field interference is large, the signal isolator can be connected.

ultrasonic sensor for vehicle exhaust flow detection

    On the one hand, it isolates the interference signal at the scene to ensure the stability of the connected instrument or computer system;

    On the other hand, it also plays a role in switching signals from active to passive, making it easier to communicate with passive signals from PLCs and acquisition cards.

    The advantage of a thermal gas mass flow meter is that it not only measures fluid flow and temperature, but also outputs control contacts.

    We know the know-how from using osenon's ultrasonic sensor for several years. Thermal mass flow meters are based on the principle of thermal diffusion and are therefore limited in applications where high humidity, water droplets, and water vapor are present. The general thermal mass flowmeter is not ideal in this respect, and the mass flowmeter which used osenon's sensors has characteristics in this respect, and the application effect is ideal. The specific method is:

    1, Install the patented filter screen upstream, and install the exhaust motor downstream to form a closed loop system. This filter has a small pressure loss, but it can filter out water drops.

    2, The software has compensation algorithms for high humidity and water vapor conditions and compensation coefficients for different component gases.

200E18TR-1 ultrasonic sensor for vehicle exhaust flow meter

200E18TR-1 ultrasonic sensor for vehicle exhaust flow meter

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