PLC and ultrasonic sensor wiring skills, 1 idea, 2 categories

- May 28, 2019-

Wiring with PLCs and sensors is a common operation in PLC practical applications, but many people often encounter problems in this process because of the lack of foundation and lack of solid training in the later stage. First of all, we have to clarify one idea, namely the PLC digital input port. At this time, we need to pay attention to the two classifications in this case.

The digital input terminals of the PLC can be divided into two types, namely the power configuration type and the port type. The former is divided into DC and AC power, the latter is divided into single-ended common point and double-ended input. Let's take a look at the different wiring methods under these several categories.

PLC and sensor wiring skills

Complex things are made up of simple problems. As long as we simply ask each break, complex problems can be solved. The wiring between PLC and sensor is actually the same. If you just study the wiring method, things will become relatively complicated. If you subdivide the problem according to different situations and find the answer to each subdivision problem, then the whole big The problem can be solved.

PLC practical solutions are often not aimed at a problem with a single answer, but need to look at the problem with the perspective of change and development, analyze the environment in which the problem lies from different angles and levels and tense, and then answer . Therefore, the solution to these problems is not unique, it may be multiple or have other specialities.

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