Multiple load cell combination installation

- Aug 27, 2015-

Mechanical sensors in the sensor are among the most common one sensor, perhaps we see a single weighing less use of sensors, and often the most common is a combination of a plurality of load cells. For example, a high registration accuracy of electronic scales, rarely using a load cell, often three or two or more sensors to form the sensor system on the one hand is to maintain the stability of the scale body itself, on the other hand can be increased, said heavy-tonnage.

In the electronic weighing constituted by a plurality of sensors, in addition to the selected load cell should be a reasonable load and installed correctly, we must also pay attention to:

1, should be installed in a fixed pillar and jack stands on both sides of each load cell. When the height of the fixed pillar height sensors should be slightly lower than 3mm to 4mm, or need to be replaced in order to maintain the sensor, use the jack to jack up the scale body, then into the horn of suitable thickness on a fixed pillar, the sensor bracket is disengaged 4mm to 5mm, as a temporary support on the other hand, when the scale body overload, played the role of protecting the sensor.

2, to prevent scale body due to the impact of other reasons caused the horizontal movement stopper should be installed according to the form appropriate scale body structure. It should not exert any force in the vertical direction stopper attachment, but it can counteract the effect of the various levels of force scale body.

3, the load cell must be mounted in a horizontal plane, and when the load must maintain the level, to prevent tilt caused by uneven load distribution and damage the sensor.

Combining a plurality of load cells the most important installation problem is most important to note, because the load cell mounted directly affect the weighing sensor accuracy and age, inaccurate installation will not only lead to measurement errors, but whose long-term use of the wrong The method will inevitably lead to the use of sensors to produce a qualitative change.

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