Deep understanding of the application scenarios of ultrasonic proximity sensors

- May 30, 2019-

Proximity sensors have long service life, reliable operation, high repeatability, no mechanical wear, no spark, no noise, strong anti-vibration ability. It can be used as limit, counting, positioning control and automatic protection in the automatic control system. It is widely used in machine tools, metallurgy, chemical, textile and printing industries.

osenon ultrasonic sensor model

Before we talk about the proximity sensor application, let's take a look at some of the main features it has:

1, inspection distance

Detecting the stop, start and pass position of the elevator and lifting equipment; detecting the position of the vehicle to prevent the collision of two objects; detecting the set position of the working machine, moving the limit position of the machine or component; detecting the stop position of the rotary body, the valve Open or close position; detect the position of the piston in the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder.

2, size control

The size control device for metal plate punching; automatically selects and identifies the length of the metal piece; detects the height of the pile during automatic loading and unloading; and detects the length, width, height and volume of the article.

3. Is there any presence of the detected object?

Detect whether there is a product packaging box on the production packaging line; check for product parts.

4, speed and speed control

Control the speed of the conveyor; control the speed of the rotating machine; control the speed and number of revolutions with various pulse generators.

5, counting and control

Detect the number of products flowing through the production line; the number of revolutions of the rotating shaft or disk at high speed; the count of parts.

6, detection abnormalities

Check the presence or absence of the bottle cap; judge the product's pass and fail; test the lack of metal products in the package; distinguish metal and non-metal parts; product with or without signage detection; crane danger zone alarm; safety escalator automatically start and stop.

7, measurement control

Automatic metering of products or parts; detecting the range of pointers of meters and meters and controlling the number or flow; detecting buoys to control the height of the measuring surface, flow rate; detecting iron buoys in stainless steel barrels; controlling the upper or lower limit of meter range; flow control, horizontal control.

8, identify the object

Identify the right and wrong according to the code on the carrier.

9, information transmission

The ASI (bus) connects the sensors at various locations on the device to and from the data line in the production line (50-100 meters).

At present, proximity sensors are widely used in aerospace, industrial production, transportation, consumer electronics and other fields. Here are some typical application scenarios to open up for your application in proximity sensors. Some ideas.

Application of human proximity sensor in ATM cash machine monitoring

The human proximity sensor is a control device for detecting the approach of the human body. It can accurately detect the proximity of nearby people and is currently the best choice for alarm and state detection. Its sensing part has high detection sensitivity to nearby people's movement, and it suppresses the sound signal of the surrounding environment, and has strong anti-interference ability. The internal use of micro-circuit chip for program control processing, with high detection sensitivity and trigger reliability, detection and control two parts into one, low standby power consumption, switching signal output, directly trigger alarm recording.
Since the sensitivity to human body sensing is continuously adjustable, this makes the human proximity sensor suitable for many different applications. In terms of security and theft, such as data files, accounting, finance, museums, treasury, etc., it is usually equipped with anti-theft devices composed of various proximity sensors.

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