Carefully choose different load cell weighing system

- Aug 27, 2015-

Weighing sensor in the metallurgical industry, chemical production, power engineering, paper industry, machinery manufacturing and food processing and many other fields have a wide range of applications, but is basically a load cell applications supporting systems, while supporting system load sensor, we choose when to pay attention to? How should we choose a good different load cell weighing system in it?

Weighing sensors in actual use, it should consider the weight and vibration scales body, shock, partial load and so on. Therefore, different load cell weighing system selection principles are also different scale. As a general rule, according to the following way to choose: Fixed load (scale units, containers, etc.) + change in load (demand weighed load) <= weighing sensor * 60% rated load. Multi load cell static weighing systems: fixed load (scale units, containers, etc.) + variable load (demand weighed load) + load cell weighing sensor rated load * Number * 60%. (Of which 60% is considered a factor that is vibration, shock, partial load and other factors added.

In weighing sensor range selection, should pay attention to the following matters. First, the capacity of the load cell selected should be consistent with the manufacturer's standard product range value, otherwise, use a non-standard sensor is not only expensive, but also difficult to replace after damage, and secondly, at the same weighing system, not Allows selection of a different platform rated load sensor, otherwise, the system will not work properly. Furthermore, the term refers to changes in the load applied to the load actual load sensor with multiplication or fold reduction mechanism (such as a lever system) should be considered when weighing the impact between the sensor from the weighing platform.

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