Calibration and maintenance of external clip ultrasonic flowmeter

- Jun 11, 2019-

ultrasonic sensor flowmeter

1. To verify the verification in time

For users who have a large number of wide-area and wide-area installed on-site ultrasonic flowmeters, a portable ultrasonic flowmeter of the same type is used to calibrate field instruments.
First, adhere to one school and one school, and calibrate each newly installed external clip type ultrasonic flowmeter during installation and debugging to ensure good selection, installation and measurement.
The second is to use the portable ultrasonic flowmeter for timely calibration when the flow rate of the externally clamped ultrasonic flowmeter is changed. It is necessary to find out the cause of the sudden change of the flow and find out whether the instrument has failed or the flow has indeed changed.
In this way, the use condition of the external clip type ultrasonic flowmeter can be monitored, and then the problem can be checked and then maintained.

2. Regular maintenance

Compared with other flow meters, the maintenance of the external clip type ultrasonic flowmeter is relatively small. For the externally applied transducer ultrasonic flowmeter, the water pressure loss after installation, no potential water leakage, only need to periodically check whether the transducer is loose, and whether the adhesive between the pipeline and the pipeline is good. The plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter should regularly clean the impurities, scales, etc. deposited on the probe for water leakage. Integrated ultrasonic flowmeters, check the flange connection between the flowmeter and the pipe is good, and consider the impact of on-site temperature and humidity on its electronic components, and so on.

Regular maintenance ensures long-term stable operation of the ultrasonic flowmeter. Maintenance of ultrasonic flowmeters is a long-term process, and other instruments are the same.

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