Axisymmetric twist ring type load cell

- Aug 27, 2015-

Advantages: compact, small size, low height, light weight, inherent linearity, accuracy, Loaded bottom ring after no distortion or deformation is small almost no lag, insensitive to eccentric loads and lateral loads, input and output impedance large, weighing sensor fixing does not rotate.

Disadvantages: slightly more complex installation, higher manufacturing costs attachment.

It is because of the large impedance of such products, the output signal is large, power consumption is relatively small, in several European countries accustomed to weighing sensors do choose this truck and other large scales. I have seen a number of companies on a truck scale concrete structures, only four of these load cells supporting a 18m long and weighs 42t RC carrier. If you use under impact load of environment, the choice of the indenter can be tailored to have a structure of the buffer layer; if you use a larger carrier to thermal expansion and contraction can be indenter height design of high Some

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